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Dec 6th | Candlelight Vigil

December 6th is Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. The date is etched in history by the shooting deaths of 14 women in 1989 in Montreal by a man deliberately targeting women on a busy campus. Canadians reacted with shock, sorrow and outrage. A strong lobby formed to bring guns under control in Canada, work that continues to this day.

December 6th became the day we remember the women who died and re-commit to taking action on violence against women and girls until our streets, our campuses and our homes are safe.

GirlKIND is hosting a candle light vigil to honor all the lives lost because of violence against women. Please join us to help bring an end to violence against women.

The vigil begins at 4:30pm at the cenotaph at Thunderbird Memorial Square (off Veterans Way) in Abbotsford, BC. Please bring a candle.

More details on our Facebook event page

2nd Annual Every Girl Matters Day | 2014

Some quick pics from our Second Annual "Every Girl Matters Day," held in conjunction with the UN's Day of the Girl on Oct 11th, 2014. This year we featured the film "Girl Rising," which showcases what different girls around the world are doing in their communities to get an education and the adversities they face. We also had art table set up for individuals to create "inspiring pieces of art," that they could take home as keepsakes. Minister Mike DeJong officially presented the Proclamation held at The Reach Gallery Museum.


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Every Girl Matters Day | Oct 11, 2014

You are invited to join us for our second annual "Every Girl Matters Day," on Oct 11, 2014.  The British Columbian government has officially proclaimed this day as Every Girl Matters in conjunction with the United Nations "Day of the Girl." A day to recognize the global rights of girls around the world.  Join us as we present a film screening of "Girl Rising," a critically acclaimed film that documents the lives of girls around the world that are making a difference in their communities.

We will also have an "Art Area," for individuals to paint, draw and create art, inspiring or empowering messages of hope.  Coffee and cake will be served, this is FREE COMMUNITY EVENT, please do register for the film screening as seating is limited. This event is brought to you by the partnership between GirlKIND and The Reach Gallery Museum in Abbotsford, BC.



GirlKIND + The Mosaic Institute: Next Generation Project

Earlier this year GirlKIND had a wonderful opportunity to team up with Canada's Mosaic Institute and the Vancouver School Board in  aproject called: Next Generation. The project strives to connect youth to Canadian values and help promote peace and active global citizenship while developing leadership skills and encouraging civic participation. Students from John Oliver, Winston Churchill and David Thompson participated separately within their communities in creating awareness on the social justice issue of “gendercide.”


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