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TV Show on Gendercide by Aamir Khan

A very important show about gendercide.  Please share this with your friends and family. This show is in Hindi but has english subtitles

Please watch this video directly on youtube:  Click Here


GirlKIND Video


Here is a quick video I created to get the word our on who GirlKind is, an organization standing up against Gendercide and providing a voice to those girls who weren't given one.  More in the works, stay tuned.



"Stand With Us to End Gendercide"

Stand with us to end gendercide, Girlkind supports the creators of "It's A Girl," and is taking a stand and providing a voice for those who were not given one. 

Please stand with us and let's make a difference because every girl matters.


"Unwanted" Indian Girls get new start


"Almost 300 Indian girls known officially as "Unwanted" have traded their birth names for a fresh start in life." During the ceremony, the girls and their parents and guardians took an oath to protect the girls, discourage discrimination and refrain from using names such as Unwanted.  Read more here Time Newsfeed