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IAG Screening at Templeton High School

We had the opportunity to visit with some Vancouver High School students at Templeton Secondary to talk about the issue of gendercide & gender discrimination. We showed the film "It's A Girl," followed by a lengthy discussion on the issue. The students were saddened to learn about the different stories brought up in the film.

It sounded all very unreal to them. I thank teacher Ms. Murphy for the invitation to bring this to her students as she too was moved and compelled to do something after she first watched the film at our Vancouver screening. So very grateful for teachers such as her, who want her students to reach out to different worlds, to react and see that one person can make a difference. The discussion lasted awhile, a student pointed out the discrimination her mother faced after giving birth to 3 daughters and the impact it had on her. I hope these students will take the lead and will want to create change however they can. A pleasure meeting them all.