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Talk on Gendercide with LA Matheson Students

Had the opportunity to speak to high school students in Surrey at LA Matheson today. Spoke on the inspiration behind GirlKIND and delved into the issues of gendercide. We watched the trailer to the film www.itsagirlmovie.com followed by a lengthy discussion.

Very interesting discussion which brought up some interesting stories and viewpoints. One student spoke about how often he challenges his family members when a child is born into their family, girl or boy. When a girl is born the mother is often consoled, not to worry as she can try again. When a boy is born, celebrations are kicked off and congratulations are spread amoungst family and relatives.


The  overall feeling was hopeful but realizing much still needs to be done just on ourselves on how we see the situation. Much thanks to Social Justice teacher Annie Ohana for the invitation and her dedication and passion when it comes the rights of all human beings.