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Woman from the East | Kudessan

"Woman from the East," releasing globally Sept 27th, 2013. Please check this film out, a very well done film based on true stories of human trafficking and the quest to have a son. See more details here. www.womanfromtheeast.biz

Please help support filmmakers such as Jeet Matharru who have put their heart and soul into conveying this heartbreaking issue to the world to help bring about change. I had the opportunity to watch ascreening last year as well as meet the director thereafter. He was passionate about bringing change and using his artform allowed him to do that so very creatively. Excellent story line and sound quality.


"The “WOMAN FROM THE EAST …Kudessan” depicts the plight of an innocent Indian village girl who is betrayed by her own father - trafficked and sold like an animal. She becomes a stranger in her own motherland - a Kudessan !

Paala Singh, a small farmer from a remote village in Punjab, about 65 yrs old, doesn’t have a son from his first wife. His greed for a son pushes him to sell his cattle and with that money and an unholy intention, purchase “Ganga”, an innocent village girl from Bihar."